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TFFL season update: Thank you Fall 2020 participants and hello Spring 2021!

Well, that was wild.

The 2020 TFFL Fall Season was one for the record books. For those who came along for the ride, thank you. For those who either missed it or want to relive it, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Before even getting into the alterations that the COVID-19 pandemic caused, the 2020 Fall Season was already historic. Last fall saw our largest youth season to date, with over 580 kids ready to give it their all.

Of course, due to COVID-19, games looked a little different. Masks were mandatory at all times, and check-in tents with temperature checks and sanitization greeted every player before they took the field.

To further promote the health and safety of the athletes, special protocols were put in place. There were to be no handshakes, and no parents on the sidelines.

The league also invested in new gear to ensure that every single possible precaution was taken. Referees used electronic whistles to start and stop play, and players were provided with official TFFL masks and new flags that featured an easier interlocking mechanism. This meant less need for coaches and adults to help with re-attachment.

However, after two weeks, the province’s health guidelines changed. No games or scrimmages were allowed, and the TFFL season was over.

Or was it?

Well, for the adults, it was. But for the kids, the league forged on. Instead of games, the kids switched to drills, where they were instructed by expert coaches with national and international flag football experience.

This unexpected change was such a hit that many kids have asked us to continue with more drills and even enter tournament teams. These avenues will be further explored in the coming months.

As for the present, registration for the 2021 Spring Season is open! Our plan is to return to our traditional outdoor program featuring games for each team, with all participants required to wear masks.

However, given the ever-changing nature of the provincial and civic guidelines, the season may need to be altered as necessary. If the season needs to be cancelled altogether, full refunds will be provided. If the season gets started and needs to be cancelled, prorated credits for the number of weeks remaining will be issued for use in any future seasons, less $60 for equipment and fees.

Thank you for your patience, passion and commitment to the league. We hope to see you out there soon!