Sponsor Highlight: NIKU Farms – Toronto Flag Football League
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Sponsor Highlight: NIKU Farms

NIKU Farms is an online farmers market that delivers ethically raised meat right to your door. Treat yourself to curated packages of pasture raised meat directly from local Ontario farms. With Spring and BBQ right around the corner, this is the time to indulge in high quality and healthy meat for you and your family. 

Your deliveries will arrive in an insulated box, so there is no need to be home when it arrives. It will be shipped directly from a local Ontario farm, so you know exactly where the meat comes from and how the animals were raised. You can pause, skip or cancel anytime. 

NIKU Farms started out with the mission that they still carry today: to change a broken system that harms farmers, animals, the environment, and the health of consumers. NIKU was built to make this change convenient and straightforward for you. They simplify the process by hand-picking the best farms that raise animals the right way, so you can make sound purchases that are better for the environment, and for your family. Together with their partner farms, they’re on a mission to provide everyone in our community with easy access to high quality, healthy and responsibly raised food.

For a limited time, they are offering everyone at TFFL $45 off your first subscription box OR $30 off a one-time package. The benefit of subscription is that you can free shipping, and you can pause, skip or cancel anytime.

**Use code TFFL to take advantage of this opportunity!**