CYJFL with Canadian Young Judaea – Toronto Flag Football League
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CYJFL with Canadian Young Judaea

While the TFFL season was on hiatus for the Victoria Day Weekend, Canadian Young Judaea invited our referees to officiate that their CYJFL charity football tournament!

Entry fees and fundraising for the event went towards Canadian Young Judaea’s Camper Scholarship Fund, which provides new opportunities for individuals to experience summer camp!

The tournament was fantastic, the weather held off, and there was even a hot dog lunch!

Thanks for having us CYJ! We can’t wait to work with you again in the future.

If you or your school, camp, or organization are interested in hosting a flag football tournament, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for our expertise and assistance with providing referees, booking space, and scheduling the event!

Tournament Statistics Leaders

Click here for full tournament statistics!

Passing LeadersCompletionsYardsTD
Zach Leopold163394
Jared Kurtz222787
Jojo Rosenzweig 13 2515
Mikey Fages 11 2508
Jonah Weinberg 12 1404
Receiving LeadersReceptions YardsTD
Ben Lewandowski 8 1633
Jordan Goldbloom 11 1573
Ben Melamed 5 1233
Sophie Gilbert 6 1041
Max Polan 4 1023
Rushing Leaders Rushes YardsTD
Jared Kurtz 121951
Jojo Rosenzweig 7 1775
Russell Leslie 4 720
Elan Mandel 1 561
Zach Leopold 2 311
Defence LeadersFlag Pulls Interceptions
Joseph Silber 6 6
Justin Moskovich 9 3
Russell Leslie 0 2
Mikey Fages 3 2
Max Polan 9 0